We help communities, governments, and universities strengthen their Innovation Economies



What is your Innovation Economy?

A collaboration of your manufacturing base and your startup community that energizes a value-added export economy and grows your GDP

We energize your Innovation Economy through: 


Establishing the foundation for a healthy economy begins with a vision and a plan. Our practitioners help with assessments, benchmarking, visioning, policy guidance and more.


With capacity-building programs, we help communities grow into the success story they envision. Our practitioners help with ecosystem building, soft landings, incubation programming, entrepreneurial education, and more.


Measuring progress keeps an initiative on track and builds momentum.  Our practitioners help with assessments, fiscal and impact analysis, sustainability planning and more.

As an arm of Georgia Tech's Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2), the Economic Development Lab (EDL) operates in Georgia and around the world with three interconnected Innovation Economy programs

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

  • Emerging fields of innovation
  • Societal impact of innovation
  • Infusion of innovation into manufacturing base
  • Innovation ecosystem formation

Innovation Ecosystems

  • Lean Innovation Ecosystem Building
  • Technology Extension
  • Innovation Neighborhoods and Cluster support
  • Soft Landings for international firms

Center for Economic Development Research

  • Strategic Planning for Community-based Initiatives
  • Economic Development Projects for distressed communities
  • Economic Development Professional Education
  • Fiscal and Economic Impact Modeling

EDL Past and Present

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